Montgomery Township, New Jersey


Once a part of Leni Lenape Indian lands, later as a rural farmland during the colonial times and intertwined in the annals of Revolutionary War History, this 32.26 square miles of land called Montgomery Township was named after General Richard Montgomery.

The Montgomery Effect

Montgomery Veterans Park

In October of 2011, we joined the Community Effort already in place to establish a local Veterans Memorial – something years in the making by many dedicated fellow Veterans and Residents.

The Montgomery Veterans Memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day – 11.11.11.

Being part of the subsequent Veterans Memorial Committee thereafter – we would make rather spectacular strides – be a part of the wonderful growth of the Memorial – growth far beyond “Veterans Day”  and the physical structure itself – all the while working with numerous dedicated Veteran Service Organizations.

On New Years Eve 2017, we made the decision to bring the experience elsewhere – to others – in their communities – all the while educating the public – locally and otherwise – about General Richard Montgomery – our very namesake.

In 2018 – We formally created STEADYFRIEND.US – a concept on our minds since the early morning hours of November 11th, 2011 as we helped raise the American and POW/MIA Flags for the very first time in preparation for the day’s celebration and dedication – such reinforced in everything thereafter – here within.

Today – Our Subsequent Workload as we see it – is the Workload Of, By, And For, All Americans…

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The relaxed dining experience at Bento is chic and airy. High back chairs at the sushi bar coddle you for each course.

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Housed in the original Yami House, the history behind Bento is amazing. Learn more as you dine in our historical dining room.

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Bento, Steak & Sushi

123 Example Rd

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